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Sunday July 29, 2007

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Posted 7/29/2007 at 7:34 PM


si, quiero seguir recibiendolos, gracias

Posted 7/30/2007 at 6:32 PM by franciscomorilloretratos

Sunday July 29, 2007
Yesterday's wedding was a beautiful one, Adam and Jill you guys were great to work with
and thanks for having me be a part of your day!!!!

The wedding was at Monarch Cove in Capitola, it was my first time photographing there and I
really love the location, hopefully I can get out there more in the future.  We also got to work with Heidi again from Couture Celebrations, a wonderful wedding planner!  If you are planning your wedding check Heidi out at:

It was a day wedding and the
weather was really perfect, not too hot or not too foggy.  Even though it was an early day wedding the DJ had people out on the dance floor having a good time all day long.  We also got to take Adam and Jill down to the beach for some photos and were able to capture some great shots of them.  Jill even got in the sand, it was such a fun shoot!

Everyone have a great week and I will try to post some images later on.

-- Mark
Fine Art Wedding Photography

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Posted 7/29/2007 at 7:21 PM

Tuesday July 24, 2007
We had a relative in town the other day from Switzerland so decided to take her down to Monterey
for the day.  It was a beautiful day and we ended up at the Aquarium which I haven't been to in years.  It is such an awesome place to visit, you can just sit and watch some of the sea animals for awhile and be so amazed!  I really loved the Otters, they are the cutest animals, so playful and fun.  We watched them for about 15 minutes and it was just amazing.  They are really like little children, one would grab a toy from the bottom of the tank and then the other would come right up and try to steal it.  I really wanted to take one home and put him in the pool :)

Here is a couple of images, I will try to upload some better ones later,

-- Mark
Posted 7/24/2007 at 8:6 PM

Tuesday July 24, 2007
John and Susan had a photo booth at the wedding and it was so fun to watch a few people get in there
and get crazy for the camera :)  I have seen these a lot of  receptions lately and they are so much fun.
I had to step in for a second to take a photo of myself so I could be in one photo from the day, here is a quick photo of it (sorry for the bad quality I just took a quick shot of the photo from my cell)

-- Mark
Posted 7/24/2007 at 8:2 PM

Tuesday July 24, 2007
This past sunday was the Wharf to Wharf race and I finally did a little training this year before the race.
Normally once I cross that finish line I am just beat, I don't train like I should but still try to run the entire race so my body feels it for the next few days (or weeks).  This time I was in decent shape and was able to run it faster than I ever had before (45 minutes).  I am going to keep running every week and next year should be able to run it in the 30's.  Here is my run:

-- Mark
Posted 7/24/2007 at 11:24 AM

Saturday July 21, 2007
Here is a new slideshow we just finished for Matt and Asia...

Matt and Asia wedding slideshow - Palo Alto Country Club

-- Mark
Bay Area Wedding Photography

Posted 7/21/2007 at 8:26 PM

Saturday July 21, 2007
Congratulations John and Sue.  What a beautiful wedding we had yesterday for John and Sue.  They were married at Testorossa in Los Gatos which is one of our favorite places to shoot at.  It has such a classic old world Italian feel to the place we just love to shoot there.  We also got to work with one of our favorite coordinators Crystal from Amazae Special Events.  Her and a team of florists and lighting experts transformed testorossa into a magical place, I have never seen the dining room look as beautiful as it did.

We started the day off taking some photos of John and his family on the golf course.  The course was pretty tough but they all played pretty well and had a great  time.  The ceremony didn't start until later in the day and was at testorossa as well.  There was a beautiful arbor created with lemons that matched the color theme of the day.
Quickly after the ceremony we drove down to John and Sue home to get a few photos of where they spent time on their first date, on the porch of Johns home talking.  His home really matched the classic style of the entire event and we got some fun photos of the two of them hanging out on the porch.

Then the fun began up at testorossa, it was a great night filled with some good singing and dancing!  Some photos to come soon :)

-- Mark
Fine Art Wedding Photography
Posted 7/21/2007 at 12:16 PM

Monday July 16, 2007
What a fun weekend we had full of weddings.  On Saturday I was at the Castlewood Country Club in Pleasanton for Sara and Dan's wedding, everyone was such a blast to work with and the bride and groom had such a playful personality I was smiling and laughing all night long.  Dan did a great job keeping the timeline going all day long, I think we were never over 2 minutes off target from the timeline, great job Dan!!!

Joey on Saturday was at Joe and Theresa's wedding at Theresa's parents house in San Jose.
The ceremony was at local church and then the reception at the house.  The views from there were amazing and it looks like there are some great images of the first dance and other parts of the day overlooking the city.  I'll post some images once we get these done.

Sunday we were at Michelle and Geralds wedding at Martinelli events center in Livermore.  Michelle and Gerald are such a sweet couple and the day really turned out nice.  The events center is pretty new but done with a spanish/Mediterranean style and really went well with the fun atmosphere of the day.  They had lots of Hawaiian attire around and had a wonderful designer to decorate.  The colors just popped and I loved the groomsmen's tiffany blue shirts (I might have to find out where those were from to get one for myself)

That's our quick weekend update, once we have images to show I will post them up!

-- Mark
Bay Area Wedding Photography

Posted 7/16/2007 at 3:55 PM

Wednesday July 11, 2007
we have been blessed with so many great weddings so far this year!  I wish I had a little more time to update the blog with images but we have all been so busy over here with the production work that I haven't had time to update much.  Here are just a few images that I really liked from the last few weeks, hopefully I can update with more tomorrow.

Here is a shot of Melissa before the ceremony started.  This wedding was at Rios Lovell winery.

this shot was her and jeremy after the wedding on his bike (there were some cool
looking bikes at this wedding!!!)

and a final one of them in front of the building

This shot I loved of Abby getting ready, Abby is such a joyous person and so fun to be around
she always has just a huge smile on her face and I think this shot  really captured her

This shot was at the wedding location (Palm Events Center in Pleasanton)
of her and the girls just hanging out:

The cake was from Elegant Cheescakes in Half Moon Bay, they do beautiful
wedding cakes.

Lauren was such a beautiful bride here are a few of her and her bridesmaids:

and James looking cool with his groomsmen

This was a shot that Joey got during their first dance that I loved:

and a few more from Nick and Georgia's wedding. 
The flowers were done by DD Floral which is a great florist, if you need flowers
give her a call. 

Georgia has such a classic bride look to her, I think she could have fit in with the
hollywood glamor movie stars of the 50's and 60's.

here is a shot that I really like of her and her mom  (don't they just look like sisters)

This was a shot that I really liked of her before they announced her into the reception.
There was some wind blowing around her veil and I wanted some dramatic images that
really captured the happiness of the day and that had an antique classic look to them.

and one of her with her new husband Nick.  This was just taken right  by the parking lot
of the hotel but shot from below to cut out most of the lot and the colors were saturated to
give it more of a pop. They are also greek so I wanted that bright blue and crisp white
to give it those good Greek color.

-- Mark
Bay Area Wedding Photography
Posted 7/11/2007 at 9:36 PM


Felicides Mark, cada vez que veo tus retratos me convenzo de que eres lo mejor de lo mejor, gracias por tan hermosos retratos.


Posted 7/12/2007 at 4:43 PM by franciscomorilloretratos
great shots as ususal.
Posted 7/21/2007 at 1:32 PM by Elegantimages

Sunday July 8, 2007
Here are some photos from one of Joeys recent weddings, it looked like such a fun wedding!  The wedding was at Rios-Lovell winery up in Livermore, check out the slideshow!

Melissa and Jeremys wedding slideshow

-- Mark

Posted 7/8/2007 at 11:37 PM


It was a Beautiful Wedding! I couldn't of asked for anything more.....

Ps. Joey captured every moment of the day! He was an awesome photographer...

Jeremy and Melissa Sturgill

Posted 7/9/2007 at 6:3 PM by Serenitylove2116

Friday July 6, 2007
This wedding was such a blast, Rob and Abby you guys make such a cute couple I loved being a part of the day!!!!

The wedding was at the Palm Events Center which is a beautiful place to get married at.
As we were taking some photos of the guys they really wanted a fun shot and wanted to be jumping in the air, we put them against the backdrop of the main building and let them have fun.  They really were getting into timing the jump right and did it about 10 times.  It was so fun to shoot and we captured some great images.  There are tons more good shots from the day, I will try and post a few.

-- Mark
Bay Area Wedding Photographer

Posted 7/6/2007 at 6:46 PM

haha looks like fun!'
Posted 7/7/2007 at 1:45 AM by lightscripture

Thursday July 5, 2007
What a fun wedding!  This wedding was a non-stop day filled with lots of great events.  In the normal Greek manner they had ton's of good dancing from the start of the day until the end of the night (I am sure the party continued for many, many hours after we left)

You guys make such a cute couple and I was happy to be a part of the day.

Here is a slideshow:  Nick and Georgia Wedding Photos

-- Mark
Fine Art Wedding and Portrait Photography

Posted 7/5/2007 at 8:15 PM

beautiful slideshow!
Posted 7/6/2007 at 1:7 AM by saphoto
Las fotos estł░n excelentes al igual quel slideshow, felicidades
Posted 7/6/2007 at 12:11 PM by franciscomorilloretratos

Thursday July 5, 2007
Here is a great video from David Pouge (from the wall street journal), he always has some pretty funny videos and this one will give you a good laugh.  Take a break and check it out:

David Pouge iPhone video

-- Mark

Posted 7/5/2007 at 6:2 PM

Thursday July 5, 2007
I have been so busy the last few weeks I have ignored the garden (other than a quick  watering so things didn't die) but I haven't been able to prune anything or really pick some of the vegies that are growing.  Today I had a free minute so went to check up on everything and had a crazy zuchinni, this thing is like 14 inches long, probably too big to really taste good but I will still have to fry it up tomorrow and check it out.
Here are a few shots (sorry for the quality of the shots, took them quickly from my cell)

got a cucumber coming soon...

-- Mark
Posted 7/5/2007 at 1:44 AM


quite the farmer :)

Posted 7/5/2007 at 2:55 PM by smilen1004

Wednesday July 4, 2007
I hope everyone has a great holiday today!  Enjoy the freedoms that we have in the great country and remember to give thanks for the wonderful country we do live in.  Although it may not be perfect, no place on this earth is, but we do have many great freedoms in this country and today we should all remember that.

Happy 4th of July  everyone!

-- Mark
Fine Art Wedding Photography

Posted 7/4/2007 at 12:54 PM

Happy Independence Day!
Posted 7/4/2007 at 5:8 PM by viadolorosa

Wednesday July 4, 2007
Here is a recent wedding we just finished for Jonah and Annie.  This wedding was up at Nestledown in Los Gatos and was really a fun party.

Jonah and Annie - Nestledown wedding

Have a great 4th of July!!!!!

-- Mark

Posted 7/4/2007 at 3:16 AM

Sunday July 1, 2007
I just got back from kristin and willies wed In Monterey what a beautiful day great weather and a fun crowd!
It was right on the beach and tons of funthey even had hula hoop contest. Thanks for having me as a part of your day

Also this was posted the iPhone it does work great and you do get used to the keyboard pretty quickly.

-- Mark
Posted 7/1/2007 at 3:53 AM

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