List of Slides:

San Giamigano, Italy
Trattoria, Venice, Italy
Caffe, Venice, Italy
Farmacia, Italy
Tables, Venice, Italy
Leone, Genoa, Italy
Clock, Italy
Fontana, Italy
Mall, Milan, Italy
Milan #1, Italy
Gardena di Columbus
Moet, Venice, Italy
Waiter, Venice, Italy
Columns, Italy
Columns #2, Italy
Genoa, Italy
Venice #2, Italy
Venice #3, Italy

Artist's Statement

To me Italy has always been a place of fascination. I am a third generation American, but have deep roots in Italy. Italian culture has always intrigued me, everything from their language to their fine sense of style. There is an enormous amount of history there, and the buildings seem to breathe with life. It is the most romantic, beautiful country I have ever been to. In my work I try to capture this romantic feeling through different print manipulations such as hand coloring and tinting. This series is from my last visit to Italy, where I photographed various parts of the country for three weeks.

All images are available as limited edition prints in the following sizes: 8x10, 111x14, 16x20.