A high quality professional florist can make a huge difference in your wedding. Most people don't reconginize the impact flowers have on your wedding. Your florist provides so many services: the behind the scenes work that we never see, conditioning and storage of the flowers so that they will look good from beginning to end of your day, careful transportation to your ceremony and reception sites, and professional set up. Your florist should know what the reception site looks like and, if possible, visit the site beforehand. Knowing the lay of the land can help them determine where best to decorate with flowers.

Your choice of a florist will definately affect your photos. The florist should be one of the first persons to the scene, and have everything setup ahead of time. Beautiful light and settings can be lost because of floral delays: the florist, a friend of the family, was late, perhaps because he/she hadn't realized how long it would takes to prepare that many bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and centerpieces. Or the boutonnieres arrive without labels, or without pins. Or, the volunteer florist puts the boutonnieres on the wrong lapel, or upside down!

Consider how floral design and placement will affect your guests and photos. For example, tall centerpieces can create problems for guests and photographers. The arrangements may look gorgeous when you enter the reception, but once the guests are seated, tall centerpieces get in the way of people seated around the table, affect speeches, group dynamics, and interfere in any candid or formal photographs done at the table.

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