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March 2006

Dear Mark,

Our favorite season is about to be upon us, springtime. With the wonderful spring weather also comes the wedding season. Weddings are such beautiful days and to be able to photograph them is such an honor. Weddings also are very inspirational, you can't work at a wedding and not come home refreshed. After spending all day with the bride and groom capturing very emotional and personal moments you come home feeling inspired.

One brand new thing that I will be doing shortly is sharing the inspiration and love that I see at weddings with everyone by producing a quarterly magazine (more of that later in this email)

Congratulations to Clayton and Janelle who were married in Ripon, Ca on February 24th and Jason and Valerie who were married on March 11th in San Jose. You guys were awesome and both of your weddings turned out wonderful. I am looking forward to all of the weddings that we have this summer and fall, it will be a very busy year for us. We do still have a few Saturdays open this year so if you know of anyone getting married let us know.

More News:
  • We Love Referrals!
  • PPSCV 1st place environmental award
  • New quarterly magazine coming out soon
  • Thirst Relief International
  • Family Portrait Sessions are Back

  • PPSCV 1st place environmental award

    In march one of our prints was awarded 1st place for environmental portrait. The image is titled "They were almost alone" and was taken last month at Natural Bridges beach in Santa Cruz. This was an engagement session for Renaldo and Lupe right at sunset. Right before we were about to wrap things up I saw their reflection in a pool of water and had them just take a few minutes to hang out together while I ran over to the other side of this pool of water to grab a few shots. There were a few people in the background that I wanted to leave there because I feel it adds to the image, even though it is an image of the couple and all about the moment of the 2 of them together, there is something to be said for the role that other people play in our lives.

    New quarterly magazine coming out soon

    We are creating a new quarterly magazine coming out soon. Right now we are still writing the first issue and it should be out in the next few weeks. In each issue we will focus on what inspires us as creative artists to do what we love to do. Along the way we hope to inspire you with stories from some of our clients, ideas on how to decorate your homes with photographs, insight into some of our imagery and what drives us as well as stories of hope and love. In this sometimes seemingly dark world, there are many wonderful people out there driving to do good and help mankind. We want to highlight your stories. If you have a special story about your wedding, how you and your fiance met or anything you are doing to help the community let me know.

    I am really excited about this, it will give me a way to share some of the joy that I get to experience with my profession.

    If you would like to contribute any stories let me know, you can fill out a contact form online and I will provide you with more details.

    Look out for this coming in the mail soon.

    Thirst Relief International

    We have recently been introduced to a non-profit started by a few photographers that is really a great cause and want to help to support them. Thirst relief international was started by photographers to help provide clean drinking water solutions for those in need worldwide. We will have more information in our magazine that we will be mailing out soon, if you want more information now check out their website at http://www.thirstrelief.org/.

    One thing we would like to do to help out is donate $50 from every family portrait in April to help this cause.

    Family Portrait Sessions are Back
    Family Portraits

    With springtime finally here there is no better time to gather the family together for a family portrait. We are going to be reserving 2 saturdays in April for family portraits. April 15th we will be doing family portraits at Vasona Park in Los Gatos. On April 22nd we will be at Natural Bridges Beach in Santa Cruz. If you reserve your date now we donate $50 from the portrait fee to Thirst Relief International and give you a free 11x14 print from the session. Call us now to reserve your time or fill out a contact form online.

    We Love Referrals!

    Do you have a friend getting married? Or is it time for a new Family portrait? Refer your friends to Stagi Imagery For any new referral we will give you $150 in print credits for your event.

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    Get a compimentary 11x14 print with any family portrait session booked on April 15th or April 22nd. Also $50 from your session will go directly to Thirst Relief International.

    Offer Expires: April 22nd

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