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The site you choose to host your reception sets the tone for the entire event. All later decisions will be effected by the style of the wedding site including flowers, dress, centerpieces and menu. These will all follow the style and level of formality of the site you select, this is why the site should be the first thing you choose.

The first thing to do is to estimate how many people will attend the wedding. Most sites have a maximum number of guests that are allowed or may even have a minimum number of guests, so it is important to have a number in mind to narrow sites down when you start to search. When you begin checking out sites, note how each location makes you feel the instant you walk in: relaxed, formal, hip, classy. There are many option out there when looking at sites from classy hotels to the beach.

We have created a website showcasing some of our favorite wedding venues, with information about the venue and photo's. Here is a list of our preferred Wedding Location spots

One thing to consider though: While some sites offer all-inclusive packages that cover food and beverages, cake and staff, other may only offer nothing more that the space itself. Some sites will also only let you select your caterer or florist or photographer from thier list of people. This way you might be paying more for those services than if you had selected your own persons.

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Here are some recent weddings we have photographed around the Bay Area, check back often we will update this with new videos every week.

The Ranch Golf Club
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